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"You can curl up in the fetal position and try to wish away all the things that need doing, or you can get started on that uphill battle to reclaim your life. The difficulty isn’t what choice to make, because that part is obvious. The difficulty lies in finding the energy and inspiration to make the right choice."  -Noel Fisher


My boyfriend draws this for me.
It’s perfect.
It’s fucking perfect.

Artfuck -


of all the people I have met

in my course of time, you

complete me, when we are together

everything makes sense, you are

all I could ever love.



Mickey in every episode:

1x03 ‘Aunt Ginger’


HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY NOEL FISHER! (March 13th, 1984)

Mickey’s first appearances.

Fuck you, fuck you, and especially fuck you.

Then burn! Burn when you sink into my bed of ice.
My bed as an ice-barrier which melts when you hold me.

Classical music in Hannibal → Sorbet (1.07)

youtube links: handel / chopin / gounod / mozart / verdi / vivaldi

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